A WORD from Yoga Matt

Hello, my name is Matthew.

Did you ever say to someone why? Why should I do that? There’s nothing wrong with asking that question. We are entitled to get the answer, an answer that makes sense to us. But most of the time, we get an answer that just does not make sense, or even worse, the worst answer of all, because I told you so.

I’ve been asking WHY, most of my life. Every once in a while you meet someone that absolutely has the answer. That’s what YogaMattAcademy.com is all about. To help you get the answers to your questions. Once you have the answers, once you know why, then if you want, YogaMattAcademy.com will help you to attain your goal, so you can improve your life, to be a better you. This can be done at any age, you just have to be willing to learn, and then apply what you’ve learned. If you have children or grandchildren, you will then be able to help them, giving them positive knowledge, so they too will be healthier and happier.

All classes and groups will be done ONLINE.  We will be using the Internet along with video-conferencing, so that we, student and teacher, can interact together.

YogaMattAcademy.com will help you to look better, to feel better (*that means solving or putting into remission many health issues*), to think better, and just plain be happier. You will absolutely get the answers to why. I call these answers “the rules of the game of life”. So, put a smile on your face, a song in your heart, and a skip in your step. 
What I have learned and what I teach will change your life in a positive way.  Hope you will join.
Thank you,  Yoga Matt

**Join Me In A Fun, Exciting, Positive Ride** 
**To Your Health, To Your Happiness** 

I want to JOIN NOW